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Common Misconceptions

Posted by Jeff Sliger | Jun 13, 2024 | 0 Comments

Misconception: Only TV advertising lawyers wait to be paid until I receive compensation.
Truth: No Automobile Attorneys get paid until you are paid, and all provide a free consultation.

Misconception: The insurance adjuster knows what he/she is doing and will pay me what is fair.
Truth: Adjusters often have pay structures tied to their performance, which si measured by how much they save their employer. Therefore, the adjuster makes more if the insurance company pays you less.

Misconception: People making claims for injuries raises insurance rates.

Truth: This is a narrative made popular by the insurance industry itself. This is untrue. For example: when the pandemic hit, people were driving less, and fewer crashes occurred. However, the insurance companies made record high profit margins in the years after the pandemic started. If the insurance rates increase or decrease because of claims paid in the preceding years, then we would be enjoying record low premiums today. Instead, rates have increased to higher amounts many times hirer than before the pandemic.

Misconception: An attorney will take too much of my money.
Truth: A good attorney makes you more money by providing the guidance and argument needed to get top value for your case. fI you have an attorney invested in providing you full compensation, you will make more money with an attorney. For example, see these stories of real people who have called us in the past.

Example 1: A woman was injured in a crash, which was not her fault. The insurance company offered to settle her case for less than $500. She settled her case for $125,000.00, which was the total insurance limits. Had she taken the insurance company's offer or even negotiated a higher amount on her own, she would have only received a fraction of this amount.

 Example 2: A couple came to me over 2 years after their crash. They were afraid to accumulate debt in a tough economy, so they did not treat and did not seek an attorney. Now they realize that something is seriously wrong and want to start their case and their treatment. By this time, they took too much time of work, which caused one to be fired, and that other to be demoted to a less strenuous job. I had to turn them away because they asked for help too late. Had they come to me earlier, I could have explained how the bills get paid in an Automobile crash case. I could have explained that treatment is key to getting them back to work and helping them continue their daily activities, which would help them keep their bills paid. I also would have told them about coverages, which they let expire and go to waste by not acting quickly. Coverage that would have paid those bills.

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